Group Exhibition "A Little Prayer"
Maki Imanishi(Doll) Yoshitake Ukai(Painting) Sayo Fujita(Glass) Mai Miyake(Mix Media)

Mai Miyake, Silver Lining

Mai Miyake, Silver Lining
2012 | H85.7 x W96.0 x D11.5cm

Maki Imanishi, The Elephant Brings Cheer Up to Japan

Maki Imanishi, The Elephant Brings Cheer Up to Japan
2012 | H34.0 x W50.0 x D37.0cm

Yoshitake Ukai, Jaguar "A" Jaguar "Hun"

Yoshitake Ukai, Jaguar "A" Jaguar "Hun"
2012 | M8 H27.3 x W45.5cm


2012 | H92.5 x W184 x D34cm

Mai Miyake, Silver Lining
Maki Imanishi, The Elephant Brings Cheer Up to Japan
Yoshitake Ukai, Jaguar "A" Jaguar "Hun"

Artists : Maki Imanishi, Yoshitake Ukai, Mai Miyake,


1951 Born in Osaka
2000 KATEIGAHO Grand Prize
2004 Doll・Fantasia Grand Prize
2009 Solo Exhibition, SOGO,Osaka
Toubi Art Fair, Tokyo Bijyutsu Club, Tokyo
2012 Solo Exhibition, TOKIWA, Oita

1975年 静岡県生まれ。
1998年 名古屋芸術大学卒。
1997年 日展初入選。1999年、日春展初入選。
2015年 昭和会展 松村謙三賞受賞
2016年 山種美術館 日本画アワード2016入選
2017年 新日春展 新会員賞受賞
2019年 日展 特選受賞


個 展

2007年 ギャラリー・オカベ(銀座)
2012年 10月 松坂屋本店美術画廊(名古屋)「3×3」村越画廊
2014年 5月 「より添う。」村越画廊
2016年 5月 「アートフェア東京2016」東京国際フォーラム日動画廊ブース
2018年 5月 「千里虎」村越画廊



2010年 アートアワード・ネクスト#1(東京美術倶楽部)
2012年 アート台北(日動画廊ブース)
2012年 東美アートフェア(村越画廊ブース)
2016年 鵜飼義丈 笛田亜希二人展「はな子とキコ」(村越画廊)
2018年 ART@JUNGULE2018


Mai Miyake being self-taught, started working as a full time artist in 2001.her activities has expanded after the solo exhibition at Art Tower Mito (Ibaraki, Japan) and Creating a series of installation work at the window of Maison Hermes (Ginza ,Tokyo) in 2005, she has being in workshops, group and solo exhibitions at Setagaya Museum, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Yokohama Art University, Keio University, Yokohama Civic Art Gallery, and established galleries such as Bunkamura Gallery, Gallery Murakoshi, Gallery Kochyukyo and more. She has also being shown at important Art Fairs like Art Fair Tokyo, Tobi Art Fair, Hong Kong International Art Fair, Fin Art Asia, and The Great East Japan Earthquake Charity Art Sale at Mori Museum and more. She received a scholarship for 2008-2009 Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts (Paris, France) Miyake's art works are rooted in the original Japanese sensibility that often forgotten by contemporary society. yet they are not limited in their scope to the realms of traditional art. They translate the wit and esprit, intelligence of the past into the language of the present. For this reason she is featured in several important books on Contemporary Japanese Art, such as "The Power of Japanese Contemporary Art" by ASCII (2008), "See & Saw Connections Between Japanese Art Then and Now" by Heibonsha(2010), "Nouvelle Garde de l'Art contemporain japonais" by Le Lézard Noir(2011), "Art that Spreads" by Toshihiro Asai, Artistic Director, Contemporary Art Center. Published by Kyuryudo (2013)


2004 Solo Exhibitions "Time for Tea"  Bunkamura Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
2005 Solo Exhibitions "Criterium 65" Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito (Ibaraki, Japan)
Group Exhibitions "[express] Shanghai" Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art (Shanghai, China)
2006 Group Exhibitions "One Fine Day" Bunkamura Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
Tobi Art Fair spring '06 "SPRING COMES SHE WILL" Tobi Art Forum / Gallery Murakoshi (Tokyo, Japan)
2007 ART FAIR TOKYO 2007 "Luna Park" Gallery Murakoshi (Tokyo, Japan)
Window display "COME RAIN OR SHINE" Maison Hermès, Ginza (Tokyo, Japan)
Workshop, Setagaya Museum (Tokyo, Japan)
2008 Solo Exhibitions "Night Museum & Contemporary Tea Ceremony" Kakegawa Ninomaru Museum of Art (Shizuoka, Japan)
Solo Exhibitions "Somewhere Sometime Somehow" Takashimaya Art Galleries  (Traveling Exhibition, Japan)
Koganecho Bazaar (Yokohama, Japan)
2010 Solo Exhibitions "A Little Prayer" Matsuzakaya Nagoya Art Gallery (Nagoya, Japan)
Group Exhibitions "New Standard Crafts" 21st Century Museum of Art, Kanazawa (Ishikawa, Japan)
Group Exhibitions "Oriente ed occidente uniti da un filo di carta washi" Instituto Italiano di Cultura (Tokyo, Japan), Villa Necchi Campiglio (Milan, Italy)
2011 Solo Exhibitions "Auspicious" Gallery Kochukyo (Tokyo, Japan)
ART HK 11: Hong Kong International Art Fair (Hong Kong)
Group Exhibitions "Spiritutainment" 100 Tonson Gallery (Bangkok, Thailand)
The Great East Japan Earthquake Charity Art Sale, Gallery 1 at the Mori Art Museum (Tokyo, Japan)
Charity Art Auction for the Great Earthquake Disaster in Eastern Japan, Tokyo Art Club (Tokyo, Japan)
Group Exhibition "NEXT vol.1 Sparkling Days" Yokohama Civic Art Gallery (Yokohama, Japan)
FINE ART ASIA 2011 (Hong Kong)
2012 Solo Exhibition "Down the Rabbit Hole" Bunkamura Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
Workshop "Forest of words" Hiyoshi campus Keio University, Raiosha Gallery (Yokohama, Japan)
Solo Exhibition "Dead Angle" ICN gallery (London, UK)
2013 ART FAIR TOKYO 2013 "March drifting clouds bring forth April flowers" Gallery Murakoshi (Tokyo, Japan)
Solo Exhibition "Little Lily - White Lie" Pola Museum Annex (Tokyo, Japan)
2014 Solo Exhibition "A Sign" Gallery Kochukyo (Tokyo, Japan)
2015 ART FAIR TOKYO 2015 "Heaven and Eaeth" Exhibition with Keiko Masumoto, Gallery Murakoshi (Tokyo, Japan)
Produced atrium installation for new Oita Prefectural Art Museum, titled "Mai Miyake's World Cuckoo-Clock -WORLD could be safer place CLOCK".
“Can Not See the Forest for the Trees” Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH 2015(Tokyo Japan)
2017 “Duodeimal” Nihonnbashi Takashimaya Art GalleryX(Tokyo Japan)
“The Breath of Dragonfly” Tobi Museum Gallery Murakoshi(Tokyo. Japan) 

Mai Miyake Portfolio

Title: Down the Rabbit Hole
Mai Miyake's art works (2008-2012) vol.3
2012 Published by Hatori Press, Inc.

Title :KOKO DENAI DOKOKA -forget me not-
Mai Miyake's art works (2005-2008) vol.2
2008. Published by Geijutsu Shimbunsha,

Title: Welcome Home
Mai Miyake's art works (2002-2005) vol.1
2005. Published by Gallery Murakoshi