Notation based on Specified Commercial Transaction Law

Company name : Gallery Murakoshi Co., Ltd., Hangarou Co., Ltd.
Person in charge : Mihoko Sakurai (President)
Address of company : Iwatsuki bldg. 8F, 6-7-16 GInza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061 Japan
TEL : 03-3571-2880
FAX : 03-3574-0159
e-mail :
Costs other than the product : Bank transfer fee, postal transfer fee
Payment method : Cash, bank transfer, postal transfer
Payment due date : Within 1 week from order
Delivery date : Shipping after payment is confirmed
Return deadline : Within 8 days after delivery
Return shipping fee :

When there is a problem with the product · · · Our company burden

Returns due to customer's convenience · · · Customer's burden

Refund of the price : We will transfer to specified account after delivery of goods