One Hundred Nights / Chisato Tanaka Exhibition


2015 | M8 45.5 x 27.3cm

A Fighter

A Fighter
2015 | F130 162.0 x 194.0cm

Night's Trace

Night's Trace
2014 | F80 112.0 x 145.5cm

A Fighter
Night's Trace

Artist : Chisato Tanaka

1980  Born and lives in Fukuoka
2005 Graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Painting, Oil Painting Course

[Solo Exhibition]

2013 "EXTREMELY Long Night" WHITE SPACE ONE, Fukuoka, Gallery Murakoshi, Tokyo
2015 " Unending Story" Fukuoka Asia Art Museum
"I am a Painter" YOKOHAMA CIVIC ART GALLERY, Kanagawa
"One Hundred Night's" Kobayashi Gallery/ Gallery Murakoshi, Tokyo
「二つの国」Gallery Murakoshi, Tokyo
2017 "De I’ombre naît la Iumiére" Pierre-Yves Caër Gallery (Paris)

[Group Exhibition]

2012 「九州アート全員集合展」Contemporary Art Museum Kumamoto, Kumamoto
THE VISION OF CONTEMPORARY ART 2012, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo
2014 "MAPPING THE UNMAPPED" Fukuoka Asia Art Museum, Fukuoka
"The 5Th Fukuoka Asia Art Triennale 2014"Fukuoka Asia Art Museum, Fukuoka



2010 SEINEN-KAI Prize at " ART AWARD NEXT #1"
2013 Excellent Prize "1st FACE Award Sompo Japan "